We are an independent animation studio based in the Isle of Man.

What can you do for me?
Show me some stuff..
Are you good at it?
Okay, so who are we and what do we do?
Mannimation is a new company but the team has years of experience in many fields. This is what we do best


Our experienced team can provide any style of animation for your project from traditional drawn through to digital 2d and full 3d CGI.


We have the capability to produce digital film of your event, or create video for your presentation.


We have over a decade of experience in web graphics and advertising. We can craft a single web ad or a full media campaign, whatever you need.


Whether you're developing a game or application, we can fit into your pipeline or our experienced team can design your game/app from the ground up.

How can we help you?
Whatever your needs we offer a personal and friendly service. Our client's vision is our highest priority and delivering your concept to its target audience makes us feel all warm inside.

Listening to your

We'll visit you in person wherever possible, working with you to pin down just exactly how we can help.

Storming our

We'll use this time to get inspired and see what we can do to fulfil and exceed your expectations.


Working alongside you, we'll present our ideas and together we'll decide on a final approach.


Following your feedback, our final design solution will be polished and made ready.

Delivering the

Whether delivered electronically or in person, we'll present our solution clearly and with care.

How did we do? We'll let our clients speak for us.

Gary is a sterling worker; fast, reliable, extremely professional and - of course - very talented. He did a superb job for us, creating completely unique animations for our documentary 'The Watchmakers Apprentice'. The task was not an easy one - anyone else might have despaired when we threw a brief like that at them! But Gary just said 'Yes.. I can do that' and he did. Brilliantly.

Christy De Haven - DAM Productions.

It is a pleasure to work with someone as talented, committed and enthusiastic as Gary. He has produced some high quality and creative material for us which has allowed us to promote the Manx language in modern, interesting and exciting ways. His work is consistently of a high standard and he’s a great guy to work with.

Adrian Cain - Culture Vannin.

Get in touch :)
Keep apprised of what we're up to - ask us to quote (without obligation) for you or just log in/drop in and say 'Hi'.

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